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1991Paint, plywood, cloth, paper, litho print on paper, hardware 32 x 17 in 81.3 x 43.2 cm

Paint, plywood, cloth, paper, litho print on paper, hardware
32 x 17 in
81.3 x 43.2 cm


Blurring Boundaries: Painting and Sculpture

Can a sculpture evoke a painted canvas? Jessica Stockholder’s three-dimensional works do just that by exploring issues central to painting, particularly abstract composition. Stockholder’s wall pieces, sculptures, and installations employ formal painting elements such as color shifts, changes in light and shadow and variations in scale and composition. More than being simple analogies, however, Stockholder’s works are better described as “enactions,” paintings which have left the picture plane to complete their narrative in three dimensional space.

Not surprisingly, Stockholder is inspired by painters including Robert Rauschenberg as well as by Minimalist artists such as Richard Serra. Reaching further back in time, her work draws upon Matisse’s colorful collages and the Cubists’ fractured representations of three-dimensional spaces.


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